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Paco: So, it says here on your resume that you're a contractor for set design and building?
Lugnut: Yes... well, sort of.
Paco: What do you mean "Sort of"?
Lugnut: Well, I've always wanted to be a writer.
Paco: *sigh* Don't they all....

Paco: You're the graphics expect?
Sparkie: Heh, yeah. I'm the holy priest of special effects.
Paco: The holy...? Whatever. If you're this good, why are you applying for a job like this?
Sparkie: For the BOOBS, of course. God, they must be frakkin' AWESOME, aren't they?
Paco: *sigh* How should I know? I'm just handling the personnel.
Sparkie: WHAT?! You're working for Shaigon Studios, the frakkin' GOD of porn videos, and you aren't watching the in-person BOOBS? .... Are you.. y'know?
Paco: What? No! It's just that... well, I'm only working there because the director is doing me a favor.
Sparkie: So.. why would that stop you from enjoying the boobs?
Paco: *sigh* Will you shut up if I give you the job?
Sparkie: Hell, frakkin' YEAH!


Director: Welcome back!
Paco: Oh.. oh, c'mon! Do you have to do that right here? By the entrance?
Director: Tch. I'm not ashamed. And I don't see why you should be. Besides, I'm not the one who was so desperate for a job that you begged me to let you work here.
Paco: *sigh* I didn't beg, you insisted. Said I looked too pathetic without a job.
Director: And you still don't seem to be able to have fun with this. I think your friends are doing a far better job of it.
Paco: These aren't my friends, Kaja. You asked me to hire them. The big-eyed boy is your special effects expert. he goes by the name "Sparkie".
Sparkie: Yowza!
Kaja: *laughs* Hello, little man.
Paco: *ahem* And a set contractor. Erm... Lugnut indus--
Kaja: Hel-LOW, Muscles!
Lugnut: ... *stares*
Paco: ... *sighs*
Sparkie: Aww..... frak.

Allura: Director, I brought your coffee and those papers you'd asked for.
Kaja: Thank you. Please go back and keep and eye on the "Black Arsenic and Lace" shoot.
Sparkie: Wo-ow!! Who is THAT!
Kaja: That's Allura. Well, not her real name, but it seems to have stuck.
Lugnut: These kind of names seem to do that for all of us...
Kaja: What do you mean?
Paco: *looks at Lugnut and shrugs* Never mind.
Sparkie: Is she some kind of Indian princess?
Kaja: No, she's the daughter of some high class invester. He asked that I give her a job, so she's my intern.
Sparkie: Y'mean she isn't in any Shows? Looking like THAT?
Kaja: *scowls* No... I just like to dress her up.
Paco: I think you're jealous because she has a bigger rack.
Lugnut: *gapes*
Sparkie: *snickers* S'true.
Kaja: That is NOT true. I can dress her up as I want. I'm the boss. And THESE are the most perfect breasts you're ever going to see.
Sparkie: *drools*
Lugnut: *faints*
Paco: Y'know.. that's just not necessary...