Rival Hearts

Cast of Characters

Here is where bit of extra information will eventually be given about our cast.

Who you have met so far?

KD - elven hunter - a bit impetuous and stubborn, though he usually has good intentions.

Ria - human magician - usually as stubborn as KD, but she is much more level-headed.

Sheyan - tahled wolf - Most outside observers think she is KD's familiar. In actuality, she is more of a mother and keeper.

Riktor Haventus - human merchant, wounded man - The Hunters took him down with an arrow that cut his side. Though healed by Ria, he is currently still unconscious.

The Hunters - A group of elves that have been spreading the range of their animal slaughter in the forests KD, Ria and Sheyan have been trying to live peacefully in. They recently discovered Hunters have been targeting humans as well.


updated 2/12/11