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Black As White (getting farther from normalcy with every step)
The other space is abstract art

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Not only is "The Other Side" the name of this page, but it is also the name of the secondary comic strip I've Drawn - check it out. It's based on a job I used to have.

The cast:

Meg: (That would be me! ^_^) Fairly newly appointed supervisor of a bookstore cafe. Meg is a sort of link between both the general staff and upper management, as well as the cafe and the rest of the store.
Stan: Manager of the cafe (and other departments). Fairly relaxed guy with a fondness for drinking. Oh, and he almost never wears anything but black.
Malcolm: (the funny-looking little guy) The token male of the cafe, always wearing his hats. He also enjoys his drinks, and good jokes.
Becca: Second-in-command under Meg. She's got a bit more backbone when it comes to talking back (and up) to people. One tough biscotti.

* All characters are impersonations of real people (though not necessarily real representations). Most names are changed. Innocence does not apply here.
** This is none of it meant to be any kind of blackmail material either. Thank you.

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#2. They call these perks? #6. There is no #6!
#3. Staff, after hours. #7. How we handle our problems
#A. Breakstuff! #8. Soda, not pop.
#4. Catch 22! #9. Help needed!
#B. Santa Hats #10. Help attained!
#5. Customer DUHS!
#C. Sponser!