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This space is a black hole.

Er.. grey hole?
Black As White (getting farther from normalcy with every step)
This space SOLD

Old news is good news?
Special News: Black as White has been turned into a RadioPlay! (directed by Lee Labit of radioplaycontests.com)
Currently the final vocal recreation of the first 35 strips isn't online, but I hope to have that available soon. I did the script and it was performed by an amazingly taltent cast. And we're all open to comments, suggestions and any other feedback. (Maybe we can eventually do another part. ;))

June 23, 2007
Yet another busy weekend, but with enough time to at least have finished this comic, though I'm posting it a little late. I'mvisiting with family and made a stop in today at the NJ Renn Faire. Some things about it still haven't changed. Still some of the same people rom when I'd last worked there about 7 years ago.. plus the live chess show, which usually is different every year to fit in with the currently storyline, was actually a redo of the last show I was a part of. It was very cool! Heh heh heh.

Anyway, that aside I got this comic done, obviously. And I'm not plotting both a project hopefully for if I make it to Baltimore comic con in September (currently up in the air) and another for a comic anthology. More on that as details come up.
Oh and thirdly, I'm going to do a little be of a redesign of the site, I think. I'm going to put up some more prominent/obvious links on this home page, and maybe see about getting a better "contact" button, or possibly some kind of forum or guest book or something. I'd love to hear opinions/suggestions from people. I know you're out there! ^_^

June 15-16, 2007
Posting yet again from a hotel, this time in Richmond, VA. Anime Mid-Atlantic, so far, has been entertaining. At least my cosplay went over well. (Whee!!) Worthwhile for throwing together the costume in two long nights.. and several additional days on the wig, and it's still not quite right. Ah well. I'll manage to get that finished eventually. And in the meantime, it still looks good! :D

So in light of the fact that the past week has been spend mostly preparing for the con (and I lost a few lunch breaks taking care of my car) I didn't have time to finish the next comic. not even in rough. So instead, I give you the cast fussing over their own cosplay. (Costumes based on the anime series Slayers.) this will eventually be finished and hopefully coloured.

PS. Happy Birthday to my "old lady" sister!

June 9-10, 2007
This is me posting from a hotel room in Connecticut. (with better internet connection than I could get in the high end hotel in Miami. Go figure.) In about 12 hours, my step sister will be a married woman. Yay!

As for the comic, I guess it isn't quite at the highest of comedic standards, but I hope it's at least funny enough. I had fun with the deacon and city guard. Yes, that is a chicken in the picture of the middle pattern. I was watching Chicken Run at the time I was finishing the inking and the wall needed decoration. It seemed to fit. :)

June 2-3, 2007
Another late posting. Sorry! I'm ging to need to work on balancing my time better.. or stop making these more complicated strips. It's amazing how complicated it can be to chose what shade of grey should work for what part of the strip.

In other news, two weeks to our first visit to Anime Mid-Atlantic, and the following month will be Otakon. Yay conventions! ^_^

Finally, and related to the topic of conventions, I can finally debut the amazing drawing of Sparkie done by my talented table neighbor Ranefea at Anime Central. I finally got this back. So happy!! X3
Okay, not quite done. Additional art-stuff: I'd mentioned working on a challenge strip turning the BaW characters into animals. Well, it's finished. - The original challenge idea was inspired by the art of Lackadaisy.

May 26, 2007
New comic. And I'm back to full shading. I haven't caught up with the previous two yet. I should have time soon. I've been feeling rather artful of late. I've been working on new banner images and have been playing with animated gifs. (Whee!) I'm also working on finishing up the one shot of my animality challenge strip. I should probalby have that up on DA in a few days or so, if I don't forget to scan the image in.

Otherwise, life moves on. I'm not preparing for the convention next month, because I'm hoping to just take it as it is. No new button images and, though I am planning a redraw and print of the first comic strips, I don't plan to have that ready just yet, either. The most I guess I'll worry about is cosplay, and I can't do that yet. Lacking funds for supplies kinda does that.
It's a weekend of mostly relaxation for me,and I'm not complaining... except for the cleaning, but I'm long over due. (Whoops!)

May 18-19, 2007
Let me start out with actually being surprised that I managed to post this. Not that I didn't have some time. (In fact, I may be halfway to next week's before the weekend is over, for all the free time I have.) Rather, my connection access has been in question. It was a matter of where I would get access and if my boss would be willing to pay for it. -- did I mention I'm at a work-related convention this weekend?

Aside from that, I had a thankfully hasslefree pre- and actual flight, so ... so far so good. And it's just too nice outside. If I could get a connection from outside right now, I'd be there! (aside from currently being "chained" to our staff booth.) It's gorgeous late at night. :D

May 15, 2007
So, in light of a busy last week and leaving early to hang with friends before Anime Central, I apologize I wasn't able to get the next comic done. I will have it done by this weekend, though it likely won't be fully complete, same as the last one as I'm leaving Friday morning for another convention, this one for work, which means even less time to myself. but since I'm going to be home until friday, I should be able to at least scan in something finished so I can work on the text during the trip and post it from the hotel room Friday night.
In case you're wondering, the con went wonderfully well! :D The posted image is the result of the first day having to do with my Reno (from Final Fantasy 7) cosplay, some apple stuff and a couple amusedly vivid imaginations. No, I didn't draw them both. The colored button on the left is mine. The awesomely adorable print was done by my table neighbor. See her stuff under Ranefea on DeviantArt. We traded these images. And then she drew an excellent image of Sparkie for me, but I wasn't thinking and left the binder with both prints in Chicago (to be mailed to me tomorrow.) otherwise, I would have put that up here. I didn't think to take a photo of that one. Aheheh... whoops. Still, I SO love it!! Thanks Ranefea!!

May 4, 2007
Yes, you are seeing an unfinished image. Well, the iomages are drawnm but I havne't even inked the lines let along given the markers any thought. And my reasoning is this: Incoming convention next week, leaving on Tuesday, lots of things still to do, either my husband or I have been sick this week... over all, too much to do and not enough time. I did want to post a comic today, so I have managed that. I will eventually, probably in the next few weeks, clean this one up properly and upload the fully finished version, buat least until then, you do have the comic and whatnot to know what's still going on. :) Enjoy!

Hopefully something will b posted from ACen next week.. the comic may come a few days late due ot lack of scanning abilities,though. My apologies. See you for certain on Monday!

April 29, 2007
Somehow I've managed to turn my schedule back day-person-wards. Means I've had a harder time lately staying up late, and that's when I've gotten a lot of my good art done.. then and during work lunch breaks. Though part of my delay here is because I spent the earlier half of my week focused on a challenge: to turn the BaW cast into animals. It took attempts (and a reference book on drawing animals) to get them right and I'm going to draw a one shot comic to go with it, and then I've promised to leave it behind. -- Fun at it is to doodle during quieter moments at work.
I will post the final when it's done. It won't replace the regular comic, though it almost did this week. I was strong. Heh heh...
If you want to see the sketches, look here.

For any of you in the Chicago area, I'll be at Anime Central in two weeks with some other really cool people, some of whom are also awesome artists!

April 21, 2007
Still going! (Okay, not going to compare to Energizer(tm), cause I'm sure it will last longer, not that I won't try. <g>)
Anyway, this week's comic. Still going well, at least. (And I'm still loving these grey-tone markers! Whee!!) So finally, they've moved on from the first adventure. The relic has been recovered and returned and now what? You may ask it, but I'm not going to tell.. not yet, anyway. I will say that, compared to some of the earlier sections, I have a lot of the next, oh, dozen or two comics mentally planned out. That's a big step for me.
Wanna know what's bigger? Over the course of vacation last week, my husband and I finally figured out a huge chunk of Sparkie's history. Shame it's going tob e a long time coming before this is figured out in story. Heh heh heh... I'm such a booger.

Oh, and just in case you're interested (I'm making a long post today. Woah!) yes, my vacation was a blast. Finally got to spend some serious time with my husband's family. Particlarly our nephews who stuck to us a good lot of the time. They're adorable. Here, take a look! It was lot of fun. And I came back with a beautiful sunburn. ^^; Here's hoping some of the colour remains for a little while after it's all finally healed.

April 17, 2007
Yes, that kinda says it all, doesn't it. I was away all last week and have been playing catch up around work and the house since then. I will have a regular comic up this weekend. As expected, I didn't have much time to really do anything on the trip, though I did have a quiet afternoon with my sketchbook. Surprisingly, no I didn't draw this then.(Though I have been working for a few days trying to get this just right. Got it on the third try. Yay!) but rather, I have a nice sketch out of this week's comic. All the more reason that Paco's mildly irritated that I've done this instead.... who gave him the right to scold me? *grin*

And vacation was awesomeness!! (thanks for asking.)

April 6-7, 2007
Believe it or not, I actually had last week's done last week, but never managed to make it to post. So here you have both of them at the same time. Enjoy while you have them, for next week there will be no strip. *cue the ominous music* No really, I'm going on vacation for the week and the last thing I'll be doing there is drawing a comic. Aheheh...Sorry. It's with family so other things'll be occupying my time. Probably being tackled by my two nephews, for one.
I will probalby manage some kind of filler if I can have it drawn in time to scan before we fly out... and also provided we have an internet connection there because, yes, my laptop will be coming on this trip. So will my husband's, though.. and some of my art supplies and some handheld game systems. We're such geeks. And proud of it, thankyouverymuch.

March 25-26, 2007
Aha! Managed to finish, though a bit on the later end of things, especially for a work night. But at least it's completed! *dances* I continued to have trouble with the dialogue.. well, no. That's not quite true. When I finally sat down to add the text to the strip, Lugnut's little description just came to me... but then it was followed by a good hour's worth or research and discussion with my determinedly creative husband, who was certain there was a better way to phrase it. He didn't find what he was looking for; I happen to like what I wrote. <g> Though it didn't quite stop there. Next was the struggle for a strip title. I had to settle on this one, many good suggestions, but none of them really stood out. This at least had a bit of a bad pun in it.
I hope you enjoy! Time for me to crash now.

March 24, 2007
Here we go delaying again. At least a little bit. I planned a visit with family and hoped to have this finished before I left on Friday. but I had a little trouble getting the dialogue just right. Still working on how to get the phrasing jsut right. Eh, just enough writing skill to know that if I don't know what I want, then I can't complete it.
Heheheh.. I'm a picky artist. <giggle>

March 18, 2007
Woohoo! Just made it in time. I had a good weekend, though. A lot of fun playing tourist in a city I technically have been a citizen of for years. Just an estranged one.. or something like that. Anyway, it was a good weekend. And still got to finish this one. I wanted to try something a little different here. It was a lot of fun. They always are. Hence why I keep doing them.

March 17, 2007
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I'm a little behind, but I also have company for the weekend, so I won't exactly have time to finish things just yet. We're going to play tourist and visit some museums for the main part of the day. so update will be coming Sunday night. And I expect to resume our regularly scheduled program next weekend.

March 10, 2007
One more week into insanity. Or am I just trying to make a poor attempt at being profound? Eitherway, things are progressing. I did complete this comic veruis the sketch from last week, and I made some modifications for the fun of it.
Wondering what's going on now? You'll just have to check back next week. But I promise I haven't fallen too deeply into the lewd. Just the occasional hints, yes, and this one's for fun too (isn't it always?). But I don't think I could manage more than suggestions and bouncing boobs. Besides, I promised myself that eventually I'd get past the Temple of Shaigon and get these guys into adventures a little less suggestive. (Although where some of the characters are concerned, they'll never get out of the suggestive stage. Oh well. Such is the way of character develpment. I still love them all!)

That aside, I have a long month ahead of me. Things planned for the next few weeks leading to a vacation with my husband's family in April. I'm hoping to keep up with my weekly trend and get everything posted in time still, possibly a little early, until the weekend of April 14th since I won't be getting back from the trip until Saturday or Sunday, so I won't have time to post anything more than maybe commentary if I can take my laptop with me and we have a connection. But I won't have a scanner.

March 3, 2007
Gotta remember that it's March already. Oh how the year is flying. And so am I. Visiting family this weekend, so I need to take off, but I wanted to leave you some things to remember me by. With this started, hopefully it means I'll have the full comic up in time by next Friday, if not sooner. Hopefully work will ease up and I won't feel so brain dead that I want to do nothing but stare at video games (Mmm.. video games.)

February 25, 2007
I love snow! We had a small storm of it this morning. only a few inches and it meant I had to shovel the drive, but I had a good time. Good packing snow too. If it lasts through tomorrow, maybe I'll make a snowman after work. Whee!!

Still getting things back in order. But here's another strip. I think I've getting better with these markers. Yay!! Also did some play with perspective with this one. Also fun. I'll keep working to get back to my regular Friday/Saturday posting, though I'm going to be doing travelling over the next few weeks (or getting a visitor). I will perservere. I'm having too much fun not to!

Special kudos goes to my husband for supplying the script for this and the next strip. He'd been having fun with the idea from the last strip and rolled with it on the back of a page in my sketch book with notes/dialogue for the next few strips.

Also, remember this phrase: "constant state of exhasperated sigh". This is exactly how Paco is feeling now.

February 13, 2007
Sorry this took even longer. I was doing well, had everything drawn and started shading things in and would have had it posted up on Saturday and then I got sick. Knocked me out through Friday night, all of Saturday and I was still in recovery on Sunday. I hate being sick.

Anyway, that little bit of whining aside, I'm still preparing for the convention this weekend. Next week is guaranteed no post until Monday. But I'm already working on it, so I shouldn't be any more delayed than that. Time to go put more buttons together... and do some laundry. Whee...

February 5, 2007
Once again, slipping, but keeping with the "within a week" period. <phew> I just need to learn to better budget my weekend time. Didn't help that I was done Saturday with the inking/shading but got distracted by my husband who was playing the end of Okami. Such a good/cute game! Now it'll be my turn to play... when I have time. (When's that? No bloody clue. Aheheh.. ^^; )

Once again reminder:
Katsucon, February 16-18th in Washington DC. Under "That's So Cute" buttons and stuff.

(Apparently, I'm missing some news in here. Whoops!)

October 29, 2006
Happy time change. We've gained an extra hour.. and I lost a day in there somewhere. Does help that my computer's been acting up.. but that's no excuse for my slowness. So I'm sorry. I will be on time next week!

And if you're wondering, the party last week was a blast!!

Oh and also in, special: I have new fanart! From a very sweet girl I met at Otakon this year. She does wonderful artwork! I hope to see more from her (especially at con next year)!

October 21, 2006
As I am exhausted and will be busy most of tomorrow preparing for a Halloween Party, I thought I'd just share a bit of the early holiday spirit with everyone. The story will continue on Sunday/Monday.

Sorry for the delay!

October 14, 2006
A little late today. I've been vaguely distracted throughout, didn't have the stamina to pull my usual almost-all nighter, and have been just generally dazed and confused this week so apparently not too productive. Then again, if I'd had just a little more staying power last night, this would have ben a much smaller strip, so it's just as well really.

In the meantime, I'm now going to take off for a few hours wandering around Small Press Expo (SPX) in N. Bethesda, MD. Whee!

October 7, 2006
Another late night. and I'm not ready to crash. Maybe I'll come back here and add more info stuff later. Otherwise. Um.. enjoy. I had a lot of fun with action shots in this one! :) Cheers! - Meg (kittichan@gmail.com)

September 29, 2006
Ack, sorry to do this. It's along the lines of things I've been trying to avoid with my regular schedule, but, as I'm sure you could tell from last week even, I've not been quite at my full with these over the last few weeks. I'll get it together for next week, though. I have something big planned, which is why I opted for the preview rather than another crap kind of comic. So these images are along the lines of what I'm planning for next strip. And yes, there will be fighting, including Lugnut finally using that sword for what he has it for... sort of. <grin>

What I'm up to... well, last week had been taken up half by vacation, as I'd shared. And then other half in GA at Anime Weekend Atlanta, which was wonderful! I met a lot of new people, finally got to see, in person, people I've been talking to for most of the last year, and had a lot of cool art practice drwing button pictures and portraits at the con itself. :D
Now I'm running out for the weekend to see my sister's final school performance and her graduation. She's going to officially be a professional Drama Queen... *ahem* I mean actress. Go her!! So NYC here I come!!

September 21, 2006
Another early post, and, my apologies, but it's also a little quick and roughly done. That's because I'm in the middle of vacation. And it's really hard to draw on white paper when you're sitting out in the sun. (Ow!) Or partly because I wanted to be a little lazy. Nonetheless. I do have something done and am planned out for the next few weeks.

For now, though, the real rush comes in my preparations to leave within the next hour or two for GA for Anime Weekend Atlanta. Whee!! So here's a comic. I'll have something more exciting for you next Friday. Comiplcated too, if I can get it all done.

Also, Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!! ^_^

September 15-6, 2006
This seemed like a while from the last, but only because the previous comic was early. Anyway, the backstory-ish stuff continues with this chatty girl. I hope everything is conveying all right.

As ffor the previous bounced about convention last weekend? It was great!! Honestly, I didn't sell much, but I gave away a lot of "prelude" mini comics for the Mobius crossover, which has inpsired me to write more of his story. Check regularly back here on Mobius's new section of the website for occasional updates. Maybe once every two weeks or so. I'll annouce it.

I also have some new project ideas to work on for con specifics for the next comic con in NY in February.
Actually, I will be at the Small Press Expo (SPX) next month, especially since it's right downt he road from where I work. Heehee! Plus there will be lost of Hotness people there, though scattered and a few of us (myself included) will be wandering. I think we're going to ahve a sort of treasure hunt for Hotness members, if you'll be around and interested. We're going to start making cards for a card game, collectable starting at SPX for those that can find us. Prizes for those that can collect all seated and at least one wandering member. The more the merrier. check back here for mroe details when I get them!

September 6, 2006
Early post. Special release!!! As promised, The Adventures of Mobious, the Transdimentional Walrus will take you on a quick journey through the many of the comic worlds that are part of Webcomic Hotness. Follow next to Ataxia Overdrive to see what happens to Pierre!

Along side this wonderful adventure is the final few days countdown until Baltimore Comicon!! Come see us!!
And I must post it again, cause I love it so! (I'm not hyper or anything, no! ^_^)
The Webcomic Hotness group - an unofficial group of webcomic
artists on one pavillion at the Baltimore Comic Con - featuring Jennie
Breeden of Devil's Panties, Danielle Corsetto of Girls With
Slingshots, Christi Johnson of In The Puddle, James Hatton of In His
Likeness, Brooke Spangler of A Girl And Her Fed, Bill Ellis of Silver
Rage, Evan Keeling of Ataxia Overdrive, Mara Maguire of Black As
White, Greg Carter of Abandon, and Matt Rawson of Cottage Three

Finally BaW has hit strip #70, finally. Feels like something of a landmark, even though most would use 75. I'm still excited. I've also, over the last two strips, finally started drawing everything already in layout, rather than piecing it all together. It does save a bit of time in the final processing portion of it all.

September 1-2, 2006
Only 1week left until Webcomic Hotness debuts at Baltimore Comicon!!!!
The Webcomic Hotness group - an unofficial group of webcomic
artists on one pavillion at the Baltimore Comic Con - featuring Jennie
Breeden of Devil's Panties, Danielle Corsetto of Girls With
Slingshots, Christi Johnson of In The Puddle, James Hatton of In His
Likeness, Brooke Spangler of A Girl And Her Fed, Bill Ellis of Silver
Rage, Evan Keeling of Ataxia Overdrive, Mara Maguire of Black As
White, Greg Carter of Abandon, and Matt Rawson of Cottage Three

I've been busy, mostly dealing with items around next week's comic which is going to be posted early, Wednesday Sept. 6th to be exact. Why? For a special, cross-promotional webcomic event with about 8 other members of Webcomic Hotness. Woohoo!!It's going to be a LOT of fun, believe me. you'll want to be here as early as possible on Wednesday to see this. It'll be great.
And then, come find us in Baltimore, under the Webcomic Hotness banner, for a lasting hardcopy reminder of this fabulous event. (I'm done promoting.. for now. Heh heh heh. ^_^)

Black as White is now officially dual braodcasting here and at DC Conspiracy with a few members of Webcomic Hotness: Matt Dembiki of Spadefoot and Evan Keeling of Ataxia Overdrive.
Black as White has also acquired a MySpace account for easy-ish info posting and contact. E-mail may be weird. Feel free to visit and drop us a message.
Finally, I have a banner now. Feel free to link up. <grin>
Black As White: Fantasy mase Reality through Insanity.

August 25-6, 2006
2 weeks until Webcomic Hotness debuts at Baltimore Comicon!!!!
The Webcomic Hotness group - an unofficial group of webcomic
artists on one pavillion at the Baltimore Comic Con - featuring Jennie
Breeden of Devil's Panties, Danielle Corsetto of Girls With
Slingshots, Christi Johnson of In The Puddle, James Hatton of In His
Likeness, Brooke Spangler of A Girl And Her Fed, Bill Ellis of Silver
Rage, Evan Keeling of Ataxia Overdrive, Mara Maguire of Black As
White, Greg Carter of Abandon, and Matt Rawson of Cottage Three

That aside, we're still moving along. I'm attempting to set up a regular size per strip. If I can mange to keep something fairly uniform it might even be worth redrawing some of the earlier strips for easy compiling. I'm still debating that. For now it's going to be work. Ah.. it's all work anyway. But I like this kind of work.

Updates? Yes, eventually they will be coming. My apologies for the long awaited character pages that still aren't here. *hides*

August 18-19, 2006
I just love sticking in more mysterious character stuff. Think you'll learn more about this any time soon? *grins hugely* Stick around to find out. Please!
Oh and if you must know, I've been watching Animaniacs! That did inspire the last image of the kid, yes... and the womana's comment as well. And I've been reading too much manga again, so I'm not making little comments around too. I may get over those, or I'll just make better use of them. Whee!!

Inner workings: For as much as I like a wide variety of music, I've found that more often than now, I'm very picky when I'm working this late at night. Maybe it's just a need to have something that won't be too distracting from my work. And more often, it's just picking music that's not too loud so I'm not waking anyone up. *looks sheepish*

August 11-12, 2006
Here we go, back on storyline track once again. Kid's just follow 'em around. Silly ain't he? Hmm.. wonder what he might be up to? Or is he just a pain; a mischief maker? If nothing else, he's kinda cute. *grins*

So, other new is, the convention went quite well. I met a lot of new people and if any of you are reading this now, Hi!! Welcome to my weekly does of webcomic amusement/insanity. Feel free to drop me a message.
I had a great time otherwise with some other webcomic artists (still listed below cause I'm too tired to retype, sorry!) But we had a lot of fun! And I'm very much looking forward to the Baltimore Comicon on Sept 9-10, at the Baltimore Convention Center (Yes, same plas as the con I just was at least week) where I will once again have table space and will be drawing my little button sketches. If you will be around, come and have a portrait done. Or at least say hi!

August 5, 2006
Sorry, but I just couldn't make a complete comic this week. Had a lot of con prep. So much for the big weekend at Otakon. But so far, so good! It was a busy day and there are still too more to go.

Tomorrow's promising to be even more fun!! ^_^ - New comic hopefully around Monday/Tuesday otherwise with the usual update on Friday!

July 28-9, 2006
Back on schedule again. Including all night prep and post. Aheh... oh well. At least it's done. Not bad either, longer than usual, but I didn't get a chance to shade in the last panel. Backgrounds? Um.. what are those? Next time (or the time after) when I'm not feeling as rushed with upcoming con prep.

Which reminds me, if you're in the local area of Baltimore next weekend, come visit me at The Alley in Otakon! I'll be somewhere around the area of a group of crazies listed as Zodiac Designs. *grin*

And yes, I am still working on the character pages. I didn't expect to be so bogged with house stuff. I live and learn! At least it's fun. I did update my art page to include the past few weeks' worth of filler images!

July 24, 2006
Well, I think my past two weeks of being early have just been balanced out. Would you believe Comcast was being a pain? Honestly, that is part of it, though. That and I hadn't had my desktop set up yet. It is now. Welcome to the first post from the New House! <g> But things were busier than I thought. So, the next storyline comic is coming Friday and I'll make it extra long to make up for it. In the meantime, another filler. This will also be an available print at the upcoming conventions with a blank dialogue box, so you can have it say whatever you'd like. (This was particularly requested by Kalla, and has her choice of phrase!)

That's my quick post. Coming Up: Still working on the character pages. I'll also update my art page to include the past few weeks of fillers. Cheers!

July 13, 2006
Compared to last week, a very early post. ^_^ I wanted to make sure I posted something up in case I wouldn't have time or access tomorrow. Tomorrow starts the weekend of Moving Madness(tm*). We'll be leaving MD tomorrow evening, driving to NJ, spending the night at my mother's so we can pick up a truck int he morning, grab furnature from her house, her neighbor's and my in-laws. The it's off to mid-land-ish PA to pick up our tenant's stuff from her mother's. (At least she and her boyfriend'll already be there to gather stuff together.) Finally, we'll drive back to the house (possibly getting stuff from the temp townhouse if there's time) where I'll need to change and head off for a dinner at 8 with some past coworkers, which I don't want to miss since we've been trying to plan this for eons. Sunday will be the unpack, pack and unpack some more, and organize the house.
In fact after this, I need to pack up everything in the townhouse so it'll be ready to move.
Oh, and after tonight I won't have internet (at least not accessible for this kind stuff) until Tuesday. Not a bad wait for Comcast, though. <manic grin>

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this lovely picture of Allura. It's one of a set of four starring our main cast in a field with a butterfly. Hers was very peaceful and I'm proud of it. (And btw, they'll all be for sale as prints in "The Alley" at Otakon on August 4-6 in Baltimore, MD where I'll be sitting with many art talents such as my Zodiac Designs partner Kalla, plus Joanne McCulloch, and of course Webcomic Hotness Members James Hatton of In His Likeness and (hopefully) Christie Johnson of In the Puddle. Come see us!!</shameless plug>)

Coming up: Yes, after this week, I plan to continue the storyline. I am also finally working on the character bio pages. First the main cast and then the NPCs and villians. It's all so exciting!!

July 7, 2006
Early post, at least for me. Why? Cause I'm going to be back at the new house painting. Dunno when I'll be back home and we don't have internet set up there yet. Have to do that soon. After next weekend we should be officially, fully moved in. Yay!

In the meantime, today's comic is brought to you by the craziness that has been at the office. Or more specifically, my coworker/tenant who answers the phones. Today was a particularly bad day, everyone wanting answers before the weekend. Figures. So out of no where, I get a call through our shared cubical wall, "Hey, Meg? Can I borrow Sparkie?" "Ah... sure?" So she gets as she asks for. <huge grin>

June 30-July 1, 2006
Happy Upcoming 4th of July! Happy second week of summer! Happy.. well just happy. Why? House!! That's why. Yes, I have managed to achieve the near constantly spoken about house. (well my husband and I have.) We are official homeowners. How weird is that? Well, for us it is, anyway. We're very excited. And next week begins the moving preparations as well as pre-move-in painting and floorwork/carpeting. So I'll be looking at being a bit busy still.

That leads into the next subject. Comic storyline will be on hold a few more weeks, I think, though will and updates will continue. Such as this (wonderful) image I did of Paco using roomie's greytone brush pens. They are fantastic! I'd never used 'em before, but I like very much. Must borrow more often. Mwahahaha!
Anyway, this image and a few others (plus character image buttons) will be on display at Connecticon at a table hosted by my wonderful friend James Hatton, the brilliant creator of In His Likeness! (Thanks again, Jamie!!)

June 23-4, 2006
First bit of big news, I've found friends and inspiration in a community of webcomic artists, under the enticingly fun name Webcomic Hotness (see the beautiful banner below created jointly by the artists of Girls with Slingshots and In the Puddle. the latter of whom is also the talent behind the gorgeous website!) We will be making our first appearance under this community of fun at Baltimore's Comicon over the second weekend of September. So much fun!!! I'm so honored to be able to meet and enjoy my first comicon experience as an artist with this fantastic group of people!
The Webcomic Hotness group - an unofficial group of webcomic
artists on one pavillion at the Baltimore Comic Con - featuring Jennie
Breeden of Devil's Panties, Danielle Corsetto of Girls With
Slingshots, Christi Johnson of In The Puddle, James Hatton of In His
Likeness, Brooke Spangler of A Girl And Her Fed, Bill Ellis of Silver
Rage, Evan Keeling of Ataxia Overdrive, Mara Maguire of Black As
White, Greg Carter of Abandon, and Matt Rawson of Cottage Three

Second bit of news, my now regular house update. But this time next week, we should officially have a house. We're set with pretty much all of the details, save for setting up the utilities and that an be done Monday/Tuesday of next week. For the time, we're good to have a relaxing-ish weekend, and preparation for the week to come, and the following after, really. Lost of preparation and moving!
On that note, the next two or three weeks will probably be oneshot/fillers. At least in the case that I won't be able to find the time to meet the storyline.

June 16-7, 2006
Firstly, I'd like to start with a belated "Happy Birthday" to my old fart of a younger sister. ;) (I did actually call her on her birthday though, I'm not a total slacker. <g>) And also a Congrats on my soon-to-be college graduated step-sister. And finally happy for me. We're a little closer to the house situation now. Set with a lender. Just now need to get ourselves some home-owners insurance. Wow!

Now, onto the comic: Finally, some action again. And it isn't in stick figures. I don't know if it's talent or increased laziness that I've been drawing and shading all at once and then adding the inked outlines a bit. This particular one looks a bit sloppy since I didn't do a whole lot of clean up, but I think it still conveys well enough. So, yeah. Action, adventure and truncated bodies, jsut so I could try to express an action. ... what do you think?

June 10, 2006
Another comic, and now I have a better idea of what I'm doing. Yes, this is a new character... sort of. <g> I've been playing with new shading techniques too, but don't seem to have it all uniform yet. Sparkie's robes are supposed to be darker than Paco's cowl, yes, but I managed to get e switched in the lower left panel. Whoops. I was using the wrong shading pencils. Aheh.. Oh well. At least it's been done.

House update: The offer we made last week was accepted. We're now in the process of securing our home loan, and the seller is fixing up the major stuff that came up in the home inspection. Woohoo!! In a few weeks, we should have a house. It's so exciting. Mind, I may have little in the way of plot then. I may just do some one panel bits around then that may more may not make sense with the rest of the current story. Ah well. I'll do what I can! Heehee!

June 2, 2006
Life just keeps moving so quickly. My husband and I put an offer on a house today. We're both anxious about how it will go, but we're hopeful! But I still had time to make a new comic. A start into the next part of the storyline, now that we're finished with the duck. Though I do happen to rather like the evil duck. <g>

In other news, we've acquired a new roommate. a friend I'd met at a convention a little over a year ago who is now also working in my office. We're hoping not to get too sick of each other too quickly. But the living arrangements also probably aren't long term permanent depending on how things work. Until then, it's mutually beneficial and she's good company!

Thoughts for the Week
. o O (It's absolutely pouring outside right now. I think I'm going to go stare out the window for a little so I don't miss it all. I love watching lightening storms. I just hope we keep power... then again, I should finish this as soon as possible so I don't lose anything if we do lose power.)

May 26-27, 2006
Happy Memorial Day weekend, or something. Here have a comic! I've once again managed to do so at 1am, so I don't know what day to post, so we get the two in one. Not this one isn't shaded. I may go back and shade and replace the image at some point. I think it's good anyway! It's partially lazy, but mostly because I was inspired to do a guest comic earlier this week, which I will post here if it officially becomes a guest comic for the other strip.
The other part of my delay is because I've stressing over house hunting this evening, leading to over an hours worth of conversation with my husband which nearly resulted in broken dishes out of frustration, and finally ended with a calculator and a carefully considered budget. Ah, I feel better now!

Thoughts for the Week
. o O (Nothing is ever as easy as it seems. This includes looking at houses. Just looking at them. It gets very complicated. Makes my head explode. *BOOM!* Whoops.)

May 19, 2006
Um, Happy New Year?
Starting with a clean slate and a new outlook, plus lots of new inspiration. (I know I've said this before, so I'm still on probation. <g>) But this time I've set a new goal... not to mention having instilled a new urge in my husband to help prod me along. ^_^

Thoughts for the Week
. o O (I've relived a few past throughts... way past. Sheesh. But I'd still love the idea of people dressing as these characters some year at a con. Or at least people recognising me if I dressed as one. I know, it's asking a lot, but damn, would that be cool!!)

November 11, 2005
Another 2+ month jump. Plenty of ideas, and very little coming out in a hurry. Current excuse? Work's been sucking my life away, and what little I have left has been preparing for Anime Con! Woohoo! I've actually tried making prints. They're looking pretty good!

I'm also a bit over tired, fairly stressed and not entirely sure I'm well. But at least I completed a comic this time! That's a bright point. Yay!! ... Anyway, um. enjoy. My thanks, once again, to my wonderful hubby for helping me with the dialogue.

I've stopped thinking,s o I guess there won't be any thoughts for the week, month, time... at least not yet. Sorry! ^^;

September 1, 2005
Still going strong, slowly, but strong.... as the story fails to move very fast. Sorry. I get into these little runs of storyline where we run run run through parts and then we're stuck at others, stalling forever trying to get to the point of the little scene. This is what I get for half making it up as I go along. Didn't know I did that? I guess you have more faith than I thought. ^^;

But anyway, more news to come. No thoughts. I've been busy and now I need to shower and sleep. And for a rare moment, I'm not posting this at 2am.

August 11, 2005
Not quite a month later, and I have a new comic. I could promise more soon, since I have images ready, but we see how wel that tends to turn out. Anyway. Comic's up. I have ideas for more and I"m happily drawing now that I'm not planning some massive event. ^_^

So, summer's almost over and it's still in the middle of the really hot season. Why can't it be autumn yet? I can't wait for the warm days and cool nights, where youc an still walk around outside and enjoy the breeze without needing a jacket.
-- There's a little bit of my thoughts, right? More thoughts and less thinking... or something like that. Heehee!

July 19, 2005
Ah, I'm the April Fool... and May, June and most of July. My longest run of in activity yet... I think. Still, I have been busy. Honest, I have! I still work. And I've recently gotten married. If you haven't gotten married, believe me, it can be a lot of work, and we did something "small" compared to the usual big white fluffy deals. *phews* But it was definitely worth it!

Anyway, trying to get bavk to business on this.... ah, who am I kidding. THis isn't business, it's fun and games AND no one has to loose an eye... well, unless you think my artwork is really that bad. . o ( I hope not!! :)

April 1, 2005
Surprise! A real comic. I don't think enough people look here enough for me to make an April Fool's comic. Maybe if I'm actually doing this regularly enough by next year.

Anyway, this is the last of the stationery conversing about character's part. I did rush the convo a bit more here to get things moving a bit more. Next time = ACTION! more ADVENTURE!! And some Foul Beings... Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!! <-- 5 exclaimation marks is a sign of insanity. Hee hee!

Thoughts for the Moment
. o O (Ever wonder why it is that sometimes animals will lie completely shamelessly on their back, paws in the air and underbellies exposed to the world? Is it because they're so comfortable? Or some kind of new trick? I hope they aren't flirting. ^_^; )

February 27-28, 2005
In case you are wondering, yes, I did use the same main image as last week. Shhh!! Don't tell anyone. I'm being lazy on the drawing this week. Oops! Well, now you know. But Sparky is so cute iwth his favorite mace! Heehee!! ^_^

Thoughts for the Week
. o O ( Snow! We're supposed to be getting more snow tonight. I can't wait!! I LOVE snow! )

February 13-14, 2005
Happy Valentine's day, everyone. Here, have a new comic, which has nothing to do with St. Valentine, or love, or anything even remotely red. Just felt like saying so.

Anyway, I'm back on a weekend schedule with this, and the next few strips should be pretty regular, cause.. well, honestly, I'm going to cheat a little.... don't look at me like that. At least the images aren't nearly as flat as they had been. So I'm happy with that. Actually I'd better be a little early with the next because this weekend is a con weekend (and my sister is coming to visit) so I won't have much time to finish between about Thursday night and.. Wednesday actually. Wow.. a while week of busy. Well.. my sister will be in Thursday night, con is Friday through Sunday, Monday I'm driving her home and staying through Tuesday to see a few people, so after work Wednesday will be my next day to do something. SO I'd better work quick. Good thing I know the conversation already. Aheheheh....

By the way, if you actually are wondering about the title, see strip #2 when Lugnut does divulge to Paco that he'd "always wanted to be a tailor". Beware the early artwork. ^^;

Thoughts for the Week
. o O ( Whether or not you have a "significant other", remember to take time this week to think about all of the people you care for. That's what love is all about. )

January 26-7, 2005
Back to making a late night post as it's technically after 1am already, but I've been working so hard. And I'm kind of doing these strip to strip by the skin of my teeth, so to speak... mostly, I know where the main storyline is going, it's just figuring out how to get there. Which steps to take at a time... And if anyone is wondering, it's actually been quite some time since our original trio first set out to get to this temple. I may have skipped some parts of the first trip to Natacha's temple and then from there to Shaigon's, but they know each other fairly well already. So no questions about why the next few strips might be as.. um, informative as they may become, okay?

And no, they don't know each other's real names yet. No one's bothered to ask, and they've given up on the idea of correcting each other (some before they'd even started).

The storyline aside, yes I do still plan on updating the other parts of this site. Honest! Now that I'm working on resetting my focus on the comic and getting these strips posted regularly again. I should be able to keep this flow going and fill in the missing pieces... Or I can just be happy I managed another update two weeks in a row. ^_^;

Thoughts for the Week (Month? What year is it? Nevermind. I forgot what I was thinking.... Oh wait. I wasn't.)

January 19, 2005
Ah, Happy New Year, everyone!

Maybe I should call this section the semimonthly Herald. News since the last comic? Um... Did an anime convention at the end of October. I actually told myself I would allow the month between the last comic and the convention so that I could work on the little clay animals I was making to sell. They sold well, anyway. New site working on being set up for these and other things (not all my own making). Zodiac Designs. It'll be set up soon.
What else? Just work, really. A whole lot of work. And then some more work. And a day trip to New York city to see the Broadway play Wicked. If you haven't seen it, it's worth watching. But this isn't really the place for me to be touting this stuff. I'll have it in my livejournal once I get to writing it all up.

As for the comic, I tried another new tactic for the background and I think I like doing it this way, so hopefully I can keep this one going... if I can keep anything going. ^_^;

Thoughts for the Week
. o O (Why am I still writing these? I already know I DON'T think.)

September 29, 2004
Comic number 50!!! I never thought I'd make it this far. Of course, I'm not going to consider how long it's taken me to get here either. Aheheh... anyway, still going along. The storyline is moving, honest. Work's been so busy lately, I didn't quite manage to draw as many images for this strip as I'd wanted. (I need to stop working so late). Anyway, I'm going on vacation,s o I should be able to find some time in all this relaxing fun to draw the images for the next comic and have it up soon.

Thoughts for the Week
. o O (Never take what you have for granted, especially when what you have is a lot of caring people around you. Thank you all!)

September 18, 2004
So, I procrastinate getting this done for the last week, and now that I'm doing it, it's partly because I'm procrastinating getting ready for a wedding. (Not mine, in case you were wondering. ;) So, I put up something quick, so that it's here. Most to come. Hopefully the next one should be big.

. o O (I'm so brain-fried from the last few weeks at work, I really can't think... Ok, so this is nothing new.)

July 12-3 2004
I guess old habits die hard, right? That's what they say... So It's been another month since I posted, but I'm posting now. And I hope to keep myself back on track... with everything now. I've gotten a few good kicks in the buttock, so I will promise those have not been in vain. This one's in and I already have half of the images scanned for the next comic. I'm even planning some funky shading. (I drew an image that's just asking for the all out detailed shading. It may even be asking to become a separate image in full color.. but I'm not sure if I'm making those just yet. We'll see. Speaking of kicking buttock, I have a web designer who's buttock is asking for it... though I suppose with the upcoming cons, she's a bit busy costume-making... some of my stuff included, so I might as well let her off, at least until the end of the con. The, of course, I will hold her to that promise, because she has such a fanstastic idea, and I really want to see it come through. Besides, the image will really fit and clean this place up much better than I have the time to consider on my own... Too busy here drawing the comics to worry about the site design. (aheheh.. or so I keep telling myself.)

Thoughts for the Week
. o O ( Ego Moment: Maybe, in a couple years, there will be people at cons dressing as these characters.... Oh, uh oh.. oh dear. I think my head's just blown to immense proportions and floated away.... Aheheh. Nothing I'll have to expect just yet. But it's kind of a flattering thought for the future. It would mean I've actually succeeded in entertaining people!! ^_^ )

June 14-15, 2004
So, I've slipped. A whole month away from the site. Ah well... At least I've not forgotted, which part of me almost wanted to. Slipping into those old habits that jsut say, ah no matter. But this was kind of fun. To really inspire myself, I decided to jsut draw something on the spot, even though I already had a few images I could have used here. Felt even better whenthe image came out so well for an on-the-spot job. So I think I'm back in the swing of things. Site is movin' on and I'm feelin' good about keeping it going. now I just need to keep making sure I know where it's going. Oh, and if you're checking this. Happy Birthday, Arianne!!! Ya old goat. ^_-

Thanks for reading!