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October 6, 2006
Here goes Mobius, off on his first solo adventure. I had decided to play around with a copy of the strip and a set of cheap markers I'd realized I had sitting around. I really haven't tried markers before and, though it has been suggested to me, I don't think these are the kinds of markers the other artists would have been talking about. However, I liked the effect, especially after someone told me it had a really good "colored by a kid" look to it. It really just made the world image better.

So, I will be continuring Mobius's story slowly. Every few weeks or so. I hope you enjoy!

Welcome to the worlds and adventures of Mobius, the Transdimension Walrus. He started out as just a concept for a multi-webcomic, cross-promotional adventure as this mischief-making interdimensional traveller made his way from one strip to the next (a total of 9 comics) in a single day.

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