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Black As White (getting farther from normalcy with every step)
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Fanart of my work.... (OH, THE WONDERFUL GIFTS MAKE ME HAPPY! ^_^)
Yes, even my humble little comic has already started to amass a minor gathering. Or at least enough to have earned myself some fan-drawn art. I'm so happy!! ^_^

Sparkie Power - I was lucky to get this wonderful drawing of Sparkie from the talented Ranefea. It was a request while she was sitting next to me at ACen '07. (b&w drawing)
Sexy Sparkie? - I cannot deny how intriguing this is. And almost disturbing... but not quite. Another gift from Kiaki-chan, drawing and given to me in person at Otakon '07. (Thank you, sweetie!!) (b&w drawing)
Allura and her Butterfly - a recent gift from Kiaki-chan, preceeding Otakon '07. Her own take on my Allura butterfly picture. Very dynamic and cute! ~ <3 (full color)
Paco loves Pocky - Another great image from the talented Kiaki-chan. Drawn for me in '06 (byt lazy me kept forgetting to add it here. (full color)
Bottle Paco - An adorable image of Paco from a great girl I met at Otakon '06, Kiaki-chan. Thanks again! ^_^ (I'm hoping to see more of her wonderufl art soon!) (Full color)
Sparkie1 - Just a casual headshot, drawn by none other than the designer of this website (which wasn't me.) Incidentally, she was also a lot of the inspiration behind this character. (In full color.)
Sparkie2 - This image was actually drawn for me as an earlier lesson I'd gotten in more lively positions (so that I wasn't just drawing people standing around with their arms at their sides... erm.. yeah. I need to keep practicing), but I still love the artwork. (b&w pencil sketch)

Guest Comic #1 - art by me, rearranged and gifted by Dean F. - My very first guest comic, and a funny one!! So happy! But no, it isn't an actual reflection on anything going on within the comic.... or is it. *grin*

 Updated 8/04/07